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Magnetic level Switch(side mounted type) is float operated working on magnetic repulsion principle. Simple in design and robust in construction together with strict quality control makes the switch a very reliable product. This can be used for initiating high or low audio-visual signals or automatic level control of liquids in pressurised or open tanks, containers, hot water service, sterilizing equipment and a variety of process control fluid tanks.
The float assembly carries a permanent magnet. With the float movement this magnet repels another magnet kept inside the switch housing which inturnactuates a micro-switch having snap action of contacts.
 Model   Technical Specification
 Float Assembly & Connection Flange : SS-304/SS-316
 Switch Housing : SS-304
 Differential- fixed : 15mm app.
 Minimum sp. Gravily of liquid : 0.7
 Max.Working Pressure : 10.5 Kg/cm²
 Max. Working Temperature : 300°C
 Switch : Change to over 1 type micro switch 1NO + 1NC with silver contacts having current rating 5A at 240V AC
 Process Connection : Blindsquare flange 83mm PCD with 4 bolt holes of 9mm.
 Nett Weight : 1.0 Kg.
The switch is provided with 3-way plug-in connector, Terminals & 2 are normally open and 2 & 3 are normally closed when the level falls. Change over of contacts occurs when level rises / falls with 15 mm liquid level differential.
For switch dimensional details and for switch installation on tank, refer Fig. 1 & Fig. 2 respectively.
» Switch is glandless and hence leak-proof.
» Easy Installation
» Outdoor design
» No Power Consumption
» No Maintenance
i) Process connection flange of 92 mm PCD or any other connection screwed / flanged to customer's requirements.
ii) Higher differential using extension rod on float.
iii) Adjustable differential type.
iv) Higher working Pressure upto 40 Kg/cm2.
v) Intermediate chamber model for higher temperature (above 300C) and lower temperature (-40C) applications.
vi) Other materials of construction for wetted parts.
vii) Weather-proof switch enclosure as per NEMA-IV / IP-55 or Flame-proof as per IS-2148-1981 for Groups., 1 IIA & IIB CERTIFIED BY CMRS, Dhanbad
viii) IBR approved level Switches with / without external chamber.
Level Switch (top mounted type) facilitates any number of pre-determined level controls initiating audio-visual signals with a single unit. It is designed to provide reliable operation in severe industrial applications. The unit consists of a vertical guide pipe (stem) within which are located the sensor switches, magnetic float sliding over the stem according to the level in the tank,switch terminal housing(head) and necessary mounting connection.
The Switch operates on the basis of the float principle with magnetic transmission (permanent magnet-reed switch).
The switch is encapsulated in the stem and it is actuated by a permanent magnet with in the float.
 Float, Stem & all wetted parts : SS-304 SS-316
 Switch : Hermetically sealed magnetically operated reed switch with Rhodium contact reed switch with Rhodium contacts completely isolated from
    medium having SPST/SPDT contacts completely isolated from medium having SPST / SPDT contracts. Current rating 15 watts. Higher ratings
    upto 250 watts ptional.
 Terminal Head : Cast Aluminium weather -proof. Flame-Proof enclosure on request .
 Conduit Connection : "3/4" ET std.
 Process Connection : Square flanged to 83 mm PCD of SS materials std.
 Stem Legth : Any length upto 3 meters
 No. of switch stations & locations : As per customers requirements
 Switch Differential-fixed : 3 to 5mm. Higher differential upto 15 mm on request .
 Max. Working Pressure : 15 kg /cm2
 Max. Working Temperature : 150°C
Because the switches operate on the principle of magnetic-flux coupling with no mechnical connections, fluid contamination of switch components cannot occur.
Only one moving component exists-the no wear float.
Reliable in operation because of the large gap between the slide tube of the float and the fixed guide tube. Insensitive to dirt particles in the liquid.
Several levels can be monitored by several reed contacts in the guide tube even with one float.
Suitable for any fluid compatible with material of construction and sp. Gravity above O.7. These Switches operate in any position-from vertical to an inclined angle of 45, head assembly upward or downward.
Closing,opening or change-over contacts can be selected.
Factory-set level actuation points can be easily adjusted at site. Minimum possible actuating distance from top of connection is 30 mm.
Minimum possible distance between 2 level set points is 75 mm, if 2 independent floats are used.
All the floats and stoppers can be removed thro' bottom side of stem, if necessary. for easy installation in your vessel and retain them to their original positions.
Materials of construction, service medium with sp. Gravity and other parameters of service conditions, number of actuating levels and their distances from top of connection and type of process connection. Also specify the condition of each switch required whether switch should close /open on fall/rise of level.
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