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1. Lightweight hand held pressure cum vacuum pump.
2. Pressure & vacuum can be generated with fewer strokes by hand.
3. Generates pressure up to 30 Kg/cm2 / Bar.
4. Push setting for generating vacuum up to – 1 Kg/cm2 / Bar.
5. Top ¼” BSP (F) adopter for the Master gauge.
6. Side flexible tubing with ¼” BSP (F) adopter for gauges to be tested.
7. Side release knob for pressure & vacuum.
8. Side zero adjuster knob.
Accuracy : +/- 0.5% F.S.
*Extension cable
*Adopters ” BSP(M) X ” BSP(F) - 1 No.
*Adopters ” BSP(M) X 3/8” BSP(F) - 1 No.
*Adopters ” BSP(M) X ” BSP(F) - 1 No.
* Vacuum or Pressure select Push Knob - 1 No.
* Washers for ”, 3/8”, & ” Connection
This is a pneumatic hand pump. Both pressure and vacuum can be measured. Put the master gauge on the front side of the pump where there is ” BSP female connection. On the side of the body there is a 1/4”bsp male connection with a cap. Remove the cap and fix the one side of the cable provided .Other side of the cable fix the gauge to be calibrated. Ensure all the connections are leak proof. Start pumping, When you reach the required pressure stop pumping. To set the gauge exactly use the big knob either clockwise or anti clock wise. To release the pressure use the small knob.
If you want to measure vacuum there is a black knob with a rod. Insert the rod in the hole where written push for vacuum.
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Test & Calibration

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