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Digital Pressure Gauge Low Range The Digi Gauge must be exercised and re-zeroed whenever exposed to significant environmental conditions to achieve these specifications. To exercise the gauge, cycle the Digi Gauge between zero and pressure of interest.

A properly exercised gauge will return to perfect zero reading. Exposure to environmental extremes of temperature, shock and / or vibration may warrant a more frequent re-certification period.

Power : 7.5V Duracell type MN2400 LR03, 5 Nos.

Connection : 1/4” BSP MALE (Other on request by adopter)

Over pressure: 125% of specified range

Temperature -
  Storage : -40 0C to +70 0C
  Operating : 0-60 0C

Enclosure : Aluminium Anodized, Light weight.

Display : 15 mm Heigh LCD Showing pressure, units & low batt.
The Digi Gauge is supplied with leather case. The model is easy to use, and operates on dry cells which are housed in battery compartment inside the instrument. ON/OFF switch is provided on front along with other multifunctional keys.
The Digi Gauge is simple to use. Switch on the instrument it ill check various parameters like memory, calibration. After self check it will display the pressure along with unit. If the pressure port is in open condition ideally it should show 00000 reading if not press ZERO for 2 sec. Now instrument should read 00000 (here ZERO is some what different than other manufacturers. Zero is approx 10% of the stored memory value.) If not consult factory. If all ok you can connect the instrument as you required. Always tighten the instrument using right spanner. You can also select the desired units by pressing UNITS switch for 2 sec.
There are five keys in the front of Digi Gauge. The functions of the keys are :
On/Off Key : To switch on or off the instrument.
Unit Key : Pressure displayed in different pressure scales (Kg/Cm2, BAR, PSI, Kpa, IN Hg , In WC, mm Hg, mm WC ) the units available will depend on the maximum range of the unit.
Clear Key : By pressing Key2, stored maximum and minimum values will be cleared.
Zero : By pressing Key3, instrument will read zero.
Min / Max Key : By pressing Key4, maximum and minimum values of pressure attained by sensor will be displayed. The feature is great for finding spike pressures on a system or setting safety release valves.
Severe injury can occur through improper use of pressure instruments. Do now exceed recommend pressure limits of tubing and fittings. Never disconnect pressure instrumentation without first relieving system pressure.
Never insert any object into the pressure connection. The sensor diaphragm is very thin and can be damaged or destroyed by solid or sharp objects. Cleaning of the sensor must be done with appropriate solvents, only.
*Please not that, there are no user serviceable components inside.
To make sure that the reading units is performing to its rated accuracy, the unit should be exercised and re-zeroed whenever exposed to changes in temperature. It's is also good practice to check zero as your final reading too, as the unit should return to perfect zero reading.
The Digi Gauge can zero or tare from approx 10% of the stored memory zero count. This is because if theDigi Gauge is not displaying zero under no application of pressure and also after pressing the zero it not show zero, than unit may have damaged and need to consult factory.
Pressing this button causes the Digi Gauge to select next available unit of pressure measurements.
The Digi Gauge continuously records the maximum and minimum applied pressure. To view maximum and minimum pressure value press the MAX / MIN button again, normal operation will be displayed i.e values will get reset when unit us turned off. And after again turning on the unit they show the current reading of the unit.
To clear or reset the maximum and minimum values recorded you can press the CLEAR button.
All units which have vaccum can be used to measure vaccum. When measuring pressure less than ambient barometric conditions, a minus (-) sign will appear.
The sensor is rated for 125% of the specified range. If pressure exceeds beyond 125% of the specified pressure, the sensor may burst. The Digi Gauge will read “OVERRANGE” if pressure exceeds the specified range.
On low battery the unit will display LO-BATT.
For re-calibration of Digi Gauge it is recommend to send it to factory. If the user have the highly stable pressure source, e.g. : Dead Weight Tester of higher accuracy. Then user can also calibrate Digi Gauge at his place. For calibration procedure contact factory.
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