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01 3/22 PVC/PVC Each core insulated with tested PVC and both cores under common tested PVC sheathing.
02 3/22 PVC/ASB Each core insulated with tested PVC and both cores under common Asbestos braiding.
03 3/22 PVC/PVC Asbestos As per Item No. 1 with an additional insulation of Asbestos braiding.
04 3/22 FG/FG Each core insulated with double Fibre Glass and both cores under common Fibre Glass braiding and varnishing.
05 3/22 FG/FG/SS As per Item No. 4 with an additional braiding of stainless steel wires.
06 3/22 FG/FG/ASB As per Item No. 4 with common Asbestos braiding.
07 3/22 ASB/ ASB Each core double insulated with Fibre Glass and Asbestos. Both cores under common Asbestos braiding.
08 3/22 Teflon/Teflon Each core insulated with TEFLON and both cores under common Teflon insulation.
09 3/22 Silk/Silk Each core silkinsulated and both cores under common silk insulation.
10 3/22 Neoprene
Each core insulated with NEOPRENE rubber and both cores under common-Rubber
    Rubber insulation.
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